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Unintended Effects of Genetic Manipulation

Type of Unintended Effect: Genetically Modified Plants Affecting Food and Feed


Atlantic salmon fed Bt corn had altered enzyme activity in liver and intestine as well as altered proportions and numbers of different white blood cells.


Peas engineered to be weevil-resistant elicited immune reactions in mice.

Peas engineered to be weevil-resistant had lowered starch digestibility when fed to chickens and pigs.


Inulin-storing potatoes had higher alkaloid content and pigs fed on them had reduced daily weight gain.


Glyphosate-resistant GM soybeans differ compositionally from non-GM soybeans and contain high residues of the herbicide glyphosate.

Diet containing glyphosate-resistant soybeans affected the nuclei of liver cells in mice.

Transgenic DNA from glyphosate-resistant soybeans was detected in the intestinal flora of humans.

plants more generally

International shipments of food and feed are increasingly contaminated with genetically modified (GM) products.

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