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Living Form in Mammalian Biology
Wolfgang Schad

We offer here some excerpts from Schad’s newly released, two-volume English work, Understanding Mammals: Threefoldness and Diversity. In them Schad introduces us to broad patterns among mammals that seem impossible to explain based on conventional biological thinking.

Out of the Life of the Dairy Cow
by Craig Holdrege

Craig shares with us an edited excerpt from a chapter on the dairy cow from a forthcoming book of whole-organism studies. Here he brings out some of the complex interrelationships among cows, their natural environment, and their human caretakers.

The Sensitive, Muscular Cell
by Stephen L. Talbott

The cytoskeleton and cellular membranes illustrate both the integral unity of the cell and also the temptation to isolate parts in our thought as “controlling” causes. In reality, we discover in every cell the power of the whole to express itself through its parts. (The link here takes you, not to the version of the article in the printed newsletter, but to the latest version for the book Steve is working on.)

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